The Soulprint Files

The Soulprint Files: Episode 2

A Box Within a Box

This week on The Soulprint Files…

…A gas-mask clad Triad member cocks a revolver at Elspeth Venutti’s temple, standing in the sun roof of Malachai‘s hot-wired SUV. “Hand over the medicine Grail gave you,” he barks in Cantonese, "and you’ll get your girl back."

Gregor’s mental blast flings Gas Mask out of the car, as a red-scarfed Triad lady shouts, “Just play along! He wont hurt the girl!” and the Triad goons close ranks to attack.

…Yung blows a Grail clinic nurse, now revealed to be a Triad member, out of the car, as Malachai shoots the Triad wheelman and Gregor, Raymond, and Teresa clean up the goons.

…Red Scarf (Jessica) grabs Gas Mask (Sheng) and vanishes in a swirl of psychic energy.

…“You brought back my little girl,” Horace Venutti says in the back room of Club Enigma. “And the medicine from Grail…?”

…Inside the chest, Teresa finds nine doses of a clear liquid in syringes, along with a leather-and-brushed-steel briefcase. Malachai undergoes vaccination first, followed by Yung and Elspeth, though Teresa knows the girl is too far gone to be saved by a vaccine.

…Raymond thumbs open the briefcase, the combination to which is his birth date, and reveals an odd machine: two dials, five buttons, a gauge marked “Person,” “Place,” “Thing,” and a glass lens affixed to a half circle of flexible metal.

…A KSH newsfeed shows Raymond shooting an Asian-looking man in the face, and calls all five members of the team “assassins” who are “armed and dangerous.”



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