The Soulprint Files

The Soulprint Files: Episode 3

Chapels Perilous

This week on The Soulprint Files…

…Teresa places the glass lens over Yung’s eye and twirls the knobs on the mysterious mechanical detector. “What were you doing in your room?” she asks. “Carving BIG MONI BIZNEZZ into this shotgun, yo!” Yung declares. The detector’s needle shoots to the symbol for “Person.”

…Petunia Twai launches herself, stilettos-first, at a cigar-smoking mercenary captain from DefenseTech, as goons-for-hire pour into Club Enigma. “We’re looking for five assassins…” the captain begins.

…“Someone wants to frame your friend,” Horace Venutti tells his son, Yung. “You better find out who…and why.”

…A swaying camera angle reveals that the Wing-Arasaka employee that Raymond assassinated must have been on a boat.

…“You want to join us?” the Church of Man mutant says to Gregor. “Find Brother Burke.”

…Brother Burke’s face changes as he looks at Raymond. “You want to get into Grail? I can help you. But whatever cure he’s got for the raccoon virus, I want it delivered to the people on the Lower Tier…”



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