The Soulprint Files

The Soulprint Files: Episode 5

Neon Dream

This week on The Soulprint Files…

…Raymond looks around at his few pieces of scattered furniture and clucks his tongue at the careless job someone did in rifling through his apartment.

…“What the situation like on the Lower Tier?” Malachai asks Jimmy the Finger through the latter’s car vidphone. “Dunno,” Jimmy replies, “everything’s quarantined. We can barely get in and out of Club Enigma…”

…Raymond runs pell mell down the hall, past a row of waiting Los Santos police officers, as Malachai caps a beat cop in the face and Yung rolls down the hall on a maintenance cart, shotgun sounding (its airhorn).

…“We can use the drug running tunnels to get to the Lower Tier,” Yung says. “Can’t take a car in, yo. Only motorcycles.” He grins.

…Teresa carefully bleaches some needles and draws Yung’s and Malachai’s blood. “You’re clean,” she says, terse as always.

…“The corporations must be brought down so the common people can rise,” the black-coated mutant tells Gregor, his voice hazy and dreamlike. “Join us in the Canyon Orchards…” “Who are you?” Gregor asks, “What do you know about the Raccoon Virus and the vaccine?” But the other mutant is gone, and Gregor is alone outside the lab.

…“He’s…infected, for lack of a better word…by nanoviruses,” Teresa whispers to Raymond, looking over at the Venutti hit man whose blood she just tested. At that moment, the hit man’s face goes blank and he pulls a grenade out of his pocket…



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