The Soulprint Files

The Soulprint Files: Episode 7

Mutant Fruit

This week on The Soulprint Files:

…“It’s some kind of…of network,” Teresa mutters, tapping through the files on Siegel Tokihiro’s computer. “At its center…something called the Demiurge.”

“Where is the center?” Gregor asks.

Teresa turns around, her cybernetic eye gleaming. “Grail Biotechnica. The Rosa Tower.”

…“Yo. This is it,” Yung says, landing the stolen spinner. Canyon Orchards teem with life, a stark contrast to the barren kipple in the foothills just a half-mile away. Vibrant, mutated fruit hangs from black and withered trees. Mutants of all shapes and descriptions have pitched tents under the trees.

…“We will reclaim the city,” Brother Trevelyan preaches from the porch of the orchard’s farmhouse. “We will tear down the skyscrapers and make all people equal!”

“Tch,” Raymond snorts.

“You’ll never succeed,” says Gregor. “You have…what…a couple dozen mutants? Against the DefenseTech militia?”

“The Lower Tier will rise up to join us. All who believe in equality will fight by our side.” Trevelyan smiles a calm, confident smile.

…Malachai and Norris, the Venutti butler, pick up the unconscious Elspeth just as the vaccinated goombas begin bearing down on them. “GET TO THE TUNNEL!” Malachai yells to Horace Venutti.

…“I will be here, my child,” Mother Superior tells Teresa, “praying for the city.”

“…cool,” Teresa says.

…Outside on the streets, violence has erupted. Lower Tier cyborgs and Triad members are battling DefenseTech mercs and LSPD cops. With uncanny coordination, the vaccinated citizens of the Middle Tier fall into formation and join the fray against the Lower Tier rioters.

And above it all, the towers of Grail Biotechnica loom.



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