“Every capable right hand needs the help of a strong left hook.” -Gregor


Gregor. Just Gregor.

The explanation for just how Gregor found himself at the Grail Institute For Transhuman EDucation (with it’s “clever” acronym G.I.F.T.ED) mutates faster than a rad rat in kipple. He has been variously told that he was kidnapped from home by bandits, that he was found wandering in from the wastes near Angels Canyon, or that his parents sold him to Grail for an extra week’s ration. The truth, to a certain extent, no longer matters, but there are a few consistent elements that point to some kind of past.

Gregor was born and raised on the rad farms in Angels Canyon outside of Los Santos, where his presumed parents worked to raise kibble — sharecrops of radioactive vegetables and other produce which are then processed by Agricorp to feed the inhabitants of the city proper. And at a young age he was, by some means, transported to Los Santos where he began studying — and being studied — at the Grail Institute. There he first met Dr. Henry Grail, with whom he formed a tenuous friendship, at least insofar as a caged animal and his keeper could be called friends.

After graduating top of his class, Gregor was given a position within Grail Biotech first as a security guard. He has spent years working his way up through the ranks, and within the last two years was promoted to Chief of Security and as Dr. Grail’s personal bodyguard.

Gregor admires Grail’s progressivism, particularly in regards to mutants, but worries that Grail’s many executives stymie real change – their political caution not allowing for improved treatment or quality of living for the mutants in the lower city. While not an executive himself, Gregor’s constant presence and Grail’s trust in his competence means he has frequent access to Grail personally and is often privy to Grail’s private thoughts.

But for all his compassion towards mutant-kind and his unimpeachable professionalism, Gregor is not afraid to use brutal tactics when they are necessary. Although he does not appear to be monstrous on the outside, his powers allow him to channel the monster that lives within.


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