Malachai Adamski


Heavyset and sullen. Dark hair with silver grey eyes that give away zero emotion, befitting a fixer for the most ruthless crime family in Los Santos. Always seen wearing a simple black suit with a long coat. Mid 40’s and weathered from a career traipsing through the lower rungs of Los Santos society.


Malachai made himself known to the Venutti crime family through numerous acts of targeted violence and coercion, establishing himself as a ruthless enforcer and fixer. Quickly absorbed into the Venutti organisation, he rose through the ranks as quickly as he did violently, becoming the top enforcer of Capa Venutti’s will throughout all layers of Los Santos’ class structure.

Now, tasked with hammering Horace Venutti’s heir into a worthy successor, he has taken on the role of both bodyguard and teacher.

Many within the family are wary of his origins, the long list of female names inked down his right arm drawing the bulk of this suspicion. Many also found the subtle but nonetheless evident eagerness to which he accepted the Capa Venutti’s order to protect and tutor his son in the ways of a true crime boss questionable. Eschewing the freedom of a mob fixer and hitman for the life of a babysitter to a loudmouth brat was not seen as a lateral move by many of his peers, but none dare to question the motives of the quiet man with the silver-grey eyes.

The oversized revolver with it’s rich sandalwood grip that lies under his signature long black coat ensured his secrets stay as such. Malachai rarely leaves his ward’s side, and executes any who would so much as consider ending the life of the man who sees his bank accounts bloated with blood money. Venutti Crime Family

Malachai Adamski

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