Raymond Quint


Raymond Quint was raised in the Upper Tiers of Los Santos by his politically-active and philanthropic parents. He was afforded every opportunity to grow into a successful man, but his parents frequently stressed that his life experiences were an exception nowadays.

The combined effect of his upbringing and the culture of Los Santos have resulted in a combination of sincere pity for the lower classes, cyborgs, and mutants alongside a smug adherence to the status quo at all costs.

Raymond is among a half dozen executive assistants working directly beneath Henry Grail at Grail Biotechnica. Each assistant specializes in managing a different aspect of the megacorp, and Raymond’s expertise is managing the company’s investment teams. He regards his work with solemnity and is considered appropriately cautious with money. Other members of the company look up to him as a professional; he even won an award for his service to the company during last year’s staff appreciation banquet.

While Raymond genuinely cares about serving the medical needs of the population of Los Santos, he’s just as interested in cultivating his own reputation.

Raymond Quint

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