Your characters live in the city of Los Santos, a megalopolis that stretches from the north bay of old San Francisco to the edge of the Baja Peninsula, south of old San Diego. Nowadays the edges of the city are tattered and ripe with kipple, or nuclear waste. Mutants tend to rad farms in the canyons of the former Los Angeles, and bandit and cyborgs prowl the shattered roadways that run through the desert. But the core of the city, the heart of Los Santos, thrives.

It’s always either twilight or full night in Los Santos. It rains every day. The air is heavy with neon and smog.

The core city is built in three tiers: the Upper Tier, where the rich live and the megacorporation CEOs have their offices; the Middle Tier, where most of the populace lives and where commerce takes place; and the Lower Tier, where the dregs of society (like mutants and cyborgs) end up, and where most of the manufacturing and infrastructure of the city is housed.

Megacorporations rule the world above, while crime rules the world below. Mutants and cyborgs are shunned, despite the best efforts of the Church of Man and Grail Biotechnica.

Everywhere except in the rarefied air of the Upper Tier and the deepest depths of the Lower Tier, the city is ridiculously crowded. There are always people around. Always ground vehicles clogging the roads and spinners (a type of flying car) criss-crossing overhead.

Technology is neo-noir. Think the future as imagined by citizens in the 1950s. In some areas, science has advanced very rapidly: there are flying cars, seemingly-weightless skyscrapers, endless (and tasteless) replicated food, and robots that can (in certain contexts) stand in for human workers. In other areas, though, Los Santos is primitive. Communication happens through vidphones, available in booths around the city or in corporate desk models. The only hand-held communication devices are short-wave radios. Cybernetic parts, while capable of replacing human limbs and organs, are clearly alien, which leads to the general distrust and dislike of cyborgs.

The Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) is notoriously corrupt. The mayor’s office is ineffectual and dominated by the People’s Council, an elite board made up of the CEOs of the five major megacorporations. There is little justice, and most citizens are content to keep their heads down, make their wage, and spend it at one of the many corporate-sponsored shopping megaplexes.


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