The Diary of Edward Grail

[Selected entries from the journal of Edward Grail. He writes in the journal religiously every day, though many of the entries are meditations or lists of activities. The entries are written in a simple cipher that Grail uses for some of his more personal communications. The last entry was on Monday, the day Grail traveled to the Free Clinic.]

April 6, 2210
A bittersweet day. We opened the first Free Clinic on the Lower Tier. Within hours there was a line out the door. Workers whose injuries had gone untreated for months. Mutants whose continued survival constitutes a medical mystery, given their advanced state of internal decay. Cyborgs with back-alley parts grown necrotic. Even if I opened a hundred or a thousand such clinics, would it be enough to help these patients?

January 20, 2212
The People’s Council (the worst named organization in the world, I’m certain) continues to refuse to advocate for any laws that would improve working conditions on the Lower Tier. They have their excuses: old infrastructure, lack of funding, uncertain cost-benefit ratio. It all comes down to simple greed and prejudice. It’s hard to see the problems of the common man from the top of a tower.

November 8, 2212
Today Bishop Selvig told me, “You are a doctor. You want to heal this city. But when flesh is rotten, you know, you must cut it out before healing can begin.” She’s not wrong. But how does one cut the rot out of an entire city?

January 1, 2213
A new year. A new resolution. I will find a way to help Los Santos. Something more than just opening a clinic or employing a mutant. (G_ has, I think, helped me more than I have helped him.) I will help society to find its way back to health again.

July 12, 2213
ST is a wonder. I’ve rarely interacted with someone so enthusiastic. I wish I could rely on TCOSEC to the same degree, but given her personal biases and proclivities (not to mention her status as not-fully-human), I think it best to keep her upstream on this project. The schematics she’s generated have already helped ST to conceptualize the structure of a network.

July 25, 2214
Can one teach a computer to love? Is love the answer? Or to heal a city, would love merely blind one to the steps that need to be taken?

November 2, 2215
ST’s enthusiasm has become as much a hindrance as a boon. Does he not see the difficulty inherent in an uncontrolled and uncontrollable system with senses and hands and mouths so well-designed? We need a failsafe lest the Beta models prove intransigent.

February 25, 2216
The virus continues to ravage the Lower Tier. I cannot help but feel an obscure pang of guilt. Project SPD must reach Horace Venutti, in the event that something more dire occurs. I hope that after all of this has played out, RQ will forgive me…

The Diary of Edward Grail

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