Church of Man

Los Santos is largely post-Christian and religion has little place in the city.

The Church of Man, despite its name, is more of a philanthropic and philosophical organization. They preach tolerance and respect for all life. Their message is one of love and charity, and their work centers primarily around caring for mutants, cyborgs, and the disenfranchised denizens of the Lower Tier.

The Church of Man does hold services, where one of the Church leaders makes a sermon about the duty of all humans to help their fellow man, or about cyborgs and mutants as the natural next step in the human condition. Then attendees will testify to the message.

The Church of Man runs flophouses, which they call Half-Houses, throughout the Undercity and in the outskirts of Los Santos. These houses allow cyborgs and mutants to live for free, as long as they are working or contributing to society in some fashion.

The leader of the Church of Man is a woman named Selvig. Her second-in-command is a mutant named Trevelyan.

Church of Man

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