Los Santos is a plutocracy ruled by megacorporations. These corporations are global, and have perhaps even greater control over the figurehead governments in other parts of the world.

In Los Santos, megacorporations exert their influence through provision of resources and employment. The heads of the five major megacorporations also sit on the ironically named People’s Council, which “advises” the mayor’s office and has a strong say in governmental affairs in the city.

The five major megacorporations that have their headquarters in Los Santos:
- Grail Biotechnica: Pharmaceuticals, other biologics, hospitals, clinics
- Wing-Arasaka Conglomerate: Computing and robotics
- DefenseTech Securities: Armaments, militarized security forces
- Agricorp: Replicated food products
- KSH Media: News, media, and communications monopoly

Other corporations with offices in Los Santos include:
- Merril, Zhang, & Finch: A major financial and banking corporation, MZ&F has lost some prominence in the 23rd century as corporations control their own finances and banking.

- Zeta Contracting Consolidated: A major architectural and building firm, responsible for most of the city and corporate building contracts in Los Santos.

- Los Santos Gas & Electric: Responsible for the power (and water and sewage) provided to the populace of the city.


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