Venutti Crime Family

Founded: 1920

Origin: Italy and Argentina

Current Leader: Horace Venutti

Sphere of Influence: Protection racketeering and loan sharking across the Lower Tier fall under the purview of the Venutti Family. They also have control of the majority of the casinos and gambling dens throughout the city, and a large number of the strip clubs and brothels.

While violent and certainly engaged in underworld activities, the Venutti Family is seen to operate with a sense of honor and justice, particularly when compared to their Undercity rivals, the Triad. They have in the past collaborated with some of the corporations, notably Grail Biotechnica, to clean up parts of the Lower Tier.

Notable Members: The heir apparent to the Venutti organization is Eugene (Yung) Venutti, age 19. He has a younger half-brother (Stanley, age 9) and a younger half-sister (Elspeth, age 6), from his father’s second marriage.

Venutti Crime Family

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